By Katie Hull/ Licensed Esthetician

Skin is complex, it’s the largest organ in our body designed to cover and protect everything inside of us. Our skin is what holds everything together, because of this, our skin can form damage and conditions over time from having to take care of us. Over time, our skin can form fine lines and wrinkles, uneven skin tones and dry textured skin, dark spots, acne, and overproduction of sebum. The good news is these skin conditions are treatable with the correct skincare regime and a licensed esthetician to help!

  1. Fine Lines and Wrinkles 

Fine lines and wrinkles are conditions that occur naturally over time as a part of aging, however, there are environmental factors that can speed up the process of aging skin. As we age, our cellular turnover rate will slow down over time, this means our skin’s dermis (inner layer of skin) thins out. There are a couple of different treatments you can add to your facial service to help prevent the look of fine lines and wrinkles. Microdermabrasion is a device made with microscopic crystals to physically exfoliate the skin. For the best results, it is recommended that you use microdermabrasion consistently for up to 10 treatments. Chemical peels are another option to help treat fine lines by removing the outer layer of old skin. At Pink West, we offer a G5 5% glycolic acid peel that is best recommended for anti-aging skin. 

  1. Uneven Skintone and texture

Another skin condition most clients look treat is uneven skin tone and texture. This can best be described as pigmentation spots, dry rough spots, or slight darkening around the mouth and face. The most common reasoning for uneven skin tone is typically due to sun exposure. Rough dry spots and flaky skin usually occur from an unbalanced level of hydration in the skin. One of the most effective treatments for uneven skin tone and texture is to use chemical peels. At Pink West, with a thorough skin analysis included, we typically add the M30 30% Mandelic + Arbutin chemical peel. Mandelic Acid does an amazing job of improving uneven skin tone. Arbutin helps aid in naturally brightening and balancing the complexion.

  1. Dark Spots

One of the most popular skin conditions clients look to treat is dark spots. The most common skin condition for dark spots is hyperpigmentation. Hyperpigmentation is an overproduction of melanin that creates the look of dark spots on our skin most likely due to sun exposure or change in hormonal levels. An ideal treatment for hyperpigmentation is chemical peels, chemical peels will exfoliate the skin’s surface leading to new skin growth. Consistent facial treatments with your licensed esthetician will help improve the look of dark spots. Another treatment to help with hyperpigmentation is microdermabrasion. This advanced physical exfoliant helps promote collagen growth, which can help reduce spots. 

  1. Acne

Additionally, a skin condition a lot of clients look into treating is acne. Acne is a skin condition that occurs when hair follicles become plugged with oil and dead skin cells. Acne can vary with whiteheads, blackheads, pimples, nodules, or cysts depending on the severity of the skin. The main causes for acne are excess oil production, bacteria, inflammation, or hormonal changes. The ideal acne treatment is a consistent skincare routine. You’ll want to find products that contain salicylic acid or azelaic acid. Salicylic acid dissolves dead skin cells to prevent the hair follicles from clogging. Azelaic acid kills microorganisms on the skin and reduces swelling. 

  1. Oily Skin

A major skin condition clients usually always attempt to treat is an overproduction of sebum (oily skin). Sebum is an oily substance made from fats and sebum isn’t a bad thing. When produced properly, sebum protects and moisturizes our skin, keeping it soft and healthy. The important thing to understand when treating oily skin is not to dry out the skin either. If you use too many products that strip the moisture layer, your skin will only overproduce the oil that it’s lacking. Salicylic acid is going to be one of the best ingredients to use when treating oily skin, Salicylic acid is an oil-soluble chemical exfoliant, which means it will exfoliate the skin and decreases oil-build up. After using a salicylic acid product, it is highly recommended that you follow up with a moisturizer to keep your skin hydrated and balanced. 

The skin was designed to protect the inside and the outside of our bodies. Keeping up with your skincare and facial treatments with a licensed esthetician is going to keep your skin in good condition. Having good skin with the proper maintenance means your skin is working to its full potential. These skin conditions develop over time because our skin wasn’t equipped to handle the environmental factors. Begin treating your skin with a daily skincare routine and maintenance treatments with a licensed esthetician, you’ll see drastic positive changes in your skin conditions. You can book an appointment with me through the Vagaro App under Pink West Salon. I offer free skin assessments, custom made facial treatments for each clients needs, chemical peels, microdermabrasion, and custom skincare routines for at-home care.

Love Always