This post is more of an introduction to the belief on which we build our business at Pink West Salon. Let me start with a brief description. Our salon is nestled in a 100 year old farm house on a small street that connects down town Dripping Springs to a major highway that runs the length of 3 cities spanning from Bee Caves all the way to San Marcos. Right in between at the hearth of the Hill Country you can find our ( little big town ) Dripping Springs, Texas. It might be happenstance that the founder and originator of Pink ( Deborah Carter Mastelloto ) took the salon out west and ended up in Dripping Springs but I like to think it was divine intervention…

Deborah started a salon on South Congress when the street was only a glimmer of what it has since become. Pink Hair Salon & Gallery was born and for 10 years they built what is now known as iconic SoCo in Austin, Texas. Through this process Deborah manifested a sort of synchronous energy brought about by the people that were drawn to Pink and her presence there, and now exists Pinkchronicity. Since then she married Pat Mastelloto a celebrated musician and extremely talented individual, and made her home with him in Dripping Springs, Texas bringing about Pink West Salon.

Per Deborah herself ” Pinkchronicity is the happy certainty that some things are just meant to be. ” That is exactly how I feel about where we are now as a salon. After decades of building the brand that has enchanted beauticians and clients alike, Deborah retired in May of 2021 and I became the owner of Pink West Salon. As a baby stylist I began my career as an apprentice to Deborah at Pink West and there I met her son, Jeremy Minten. I am happy to report that we are celebrating our 8th year together this October. As a stylist I blossomed under Deborah’s guidance. I found my magic and brought it about in all that I did from that moment forth. I went on to start my business Pomme Salon & Spa and take on a resale shop know as Haute Exchange. Being that Pink was my home, it only felt right to step in and keep the magic alive when Deborah was ready to retire and so I have.

Not only do I feel like I am home, I also feel like all of the pieces to my puzzle are falling into place, and I am orchestrating a big dream built on the backs of amazing and talented women before me. I plan to keep that very spirit alive, well and living in Dripping Springs and far beyond. With each passing day as I build these businesses, I feel more and more on my proper path and am grateful for all that happened before me that lead me here.

Speaking of Pinkchronicity we plan on keeping the magic alive by building the “Advice” portion of Deborah’s original brand. We currently offer several services in the realm of spiritual healing and divine intervention to support all of the magic that lives deep inside every one of us. You can book your appointments for Intuitive Readings including Tarot, Energy Healing Ceremonies, Herbal Consultation, and Akashic Record Readings. If you would like more information on these services I highly recommend that you email the salon or visit the Book Online portion of our website You can also shop Deborah’s personal store inside the pink farmhouse. There you can find all things from her favorite Tarot decks to her very own book and CD. You can also shop various crystals and other magical items.

Of course we continue to offer the very best in hair services as well and we certainly infuse a little bit of our own magic and well wishes into every service we provide. We are blessed to be together and I am so happy to continue to offer the gift of Pinkchronicity through our space here at Pink West Salon. You can find us infusing each being with beauty and magic every day at the salon.

Love Always,


P.S. For more on Pinkchronicity follow Deborah at or book a digital Astrology/Tarot Reading using the following info..