Beauty & The Beast (That is the Pandemic)

While there is a group of people who have benefited during this time and another group who has been able to find themselves, I can confidently say that for most of us this pandemic really has been a beast. It has affected many industries and individuals but today I want to discuss the beauty industry and the beast that is the Covid pandemic and how it has affected salons, service providers and of course clients. Since the pandemic has had such a huge impact on all of us I decided to scale down the conversation to the top 5 ways it has affected the beauty industry. The hope is to find a space where we can understand each other and move forward in this landscape in the most loving and healthy way possible for all involved. Thanks for your time and any investment you have in this cause. xoxo

1. MENTAL HEALTH is MAJOR right now. I am no metal health expert and let me first encourage anyone struggling with their mental health to reach out to a specialist for more support and information. I do know what it has been like as both a service provider and consumer. While we like to think we, all have it under control… things have been constantly evolving for over 2 solid years. Just when you think things have settled it seems we are hit with another blow. The variants have certainly seen to that! The proof is everywhere. The random way we can’t be sure what will be out of stock at the grocery store is a great example. It is simply unpredictable. As we know routine and stability are big when it comes to mental health. It is difficult to find a safe place to exist mentally when you just aren’t sure what is going to happen from one moment to the next and how the changes might affect you. The key lies in understanding that this is true just as much for the next person as it is for you. Just assume that whoever you’re dealing with is in the same boat and needs as much support as you during this time and do your best to operate accordingly.

2. We are utterly out of CONTROL. Because of the unpredictability factor mentioned above we have very little control of what is going on around us. Is our job safe? Are we going to get sick and have to quarantine? Will it affect us financially? Will we fall into the category of people who are critical? Will we lose any loved ones? How do we feel about masking? The questions could go on for days. There are no good answers right now. The lack of control over our lives leads us to look for things we can control. This falls heavily on service providers. We can control what we eat for example. We might not know what’s going to happen tomorrow but today we can go out for lunch and have control over what we order. Even the simple act of going out is something you might have decided to do just for you! You want to make sure it’s everything you expected… You arrive to find that your local resteraunt is low on supplies and understaffed. The beauty industry is especially affected. We tend to believe that when things are out of control, we can help ourselves feel better by controlling things like the way we look. That is why we tend to try and make a big change with our hair when we have a major life event like a baby or a breakup. Unfortunately, your stylists are also dealing with the lack of control throughout this beast of a pandemic, and they can’t bend science to meet everyone’s needs. When you go into your appointment with your heart absolutely set on something and they have to explain the limitation whether it be timing, cost or even the physical ability to achieve a look it can feel soul crushing. As a side effect many consumers are taking it out on the messenger. Please believe that your service provider wants to help you and give you what you want. If they have to tell you, they can’t it hurts them too. As hard as it is to find a place to put those feelings, we cannot put them on each other.

3. Everything is more EXPENSIVE. This is true for everything from groceries to housing. The way this affects the beauty industry is especially difficult. While self-care should be a priority a lot of people consider those services as extras. It is a grey area because we do NEED to care for our bodies in order to be healthy and for our mental health, but it is on a different necessity level than having a home to live in for example. This cost increase has not skipped over the beauty industry and as a result those prices have had to increase as well. Your service providers and salons are feeling the same sting of financial instability that you may be experiencing, and they have employees and families who also count on them for a living. I have seen a large uptick in how easy it is for us to roll onto socials and discuss how ridiculous it is for someone to charge what they do for a haircut. While I understand where this is coming from it dehumanizes our beauty professionals as they are living people whose ability to support their families and stay in business is what we are inadvertently discussing. It would be outrageous for your boss or associate to say you don’t deserve to make X amount, but this is essentially what you are doing when you discuss a stylists pricing in this manner. Try instead reaching out to your service provider directly and saying something like ” due to recent events and the pandemic I now have a beauty budget. Can we discuss what options I have within that budget?” If you cannot find a common ground, look for a place that is within your beauty budget without harshly judging the beauty professional who is also just attempting to survive in this climate as well.

4. We discuss the unpredictable nature of this beast earlier, but you may not realize how it affects your service providers in the way of CANCELLATIONS. We cannot seem to count on much of anything these days. One moment we are shut down. The next our clients are clamoring to get in because they haven’t been able to see us in 2 months. Once they have made it in, we find half our clients still want to stay home. As soon as you think it has leveled throw in masking politics and variants. This has resulted in a need to create and follow strong cancellation policies. We are having to save space for safety so when a client has come in contact or tested positive, we have to honor that. This means we have less flexibility when it comes to waiving cancellation fees. If you unexpectedly have to go out of town or get called into work, we are certainly sympathetic, but we can’t accommodate waiving those fees. Cancellation fees always make people angry and service providers are navigating the best ways possible to handle these volatile situations. Please find a way to accept the need for these policies now more than ever and consider it a gift to keep your sweet stylists hopes up and keep your salons in business.

5. Keeping it KIND has been a real struggle. The reality that your service providers are living with every day can feel bleak. Believe it or not people are coming out of the woodwork with truly mean behavior. What may have been considered unacceptable at one point in time is now average. This is taking a serious toll on those who are working tirelessly to continue to serve you. This is evidenced in the TIK TOK accounts you may have seen where hostesses, servers and beauty pros are reenacting situations they are facing all the time. The trending “Karens” are proof that the problem is rampant more now than ever. While these people always existed, I dare say it has almost become emotionally or verbally abusive. Managing these interactions is exhausting and your service providers are encountering these situations every single day. I do think it has begun to affect the way we respond in all of our client interactions. Keeping your guard up for these situations is definitely affecting even the kindest clients and that is sad all the way around.

With these 5 ways the beauty industry has been affected by the beast that is the pandemic in mind… I hope every day that we can find a balance. One where our service providers can work with a level of peace and in an environment that is healthy so that our clients can continue to connect with us and lean on us in their most trying times. We all need a safe place to work. It should be a basic human right. Please be kind to your local service providers. Make your choices and do what is best for you as a consumer without contributing to the growing problem of mis treating our service-based industry professionals. We don’t have to lash out in person or online when we feel out of control. I wish I had an exact answer for what to do instead but I think that comes with growth and a desire to be better people. What I do know is how grateful I am that you have participated in raising awareness for this matter by simply reading, liking and sharing this article.



5 Skin Conditions and My Favorite Treatments

By Katie Hull/ Licensed Esthetician

Skin is complex, it’s the largest organ in our body designed to cover and protect everything inside of us. Our skin is what holds everything together, because of this, our skin can form damage and conditions over time from having to take care of us. Over time, our skin can form fine lines and wrinkles, uneven skin tones and dry textured skin, dark spots, acne, and overproduction of sebum. The good news is these skin conditions are treatable with the correct skincare regime and a licensed esthetician to help!

  1. Fine Lines and Wrinkles 

Fine lines and wrinkles are conditions that occur naturally over time as a part of aging, however, there are environmental factors that can speed up the process of aging skin. As we age, our cellular turnover rate will slow down over time, this means our skin’s dermis (inner layer of skin) thins out. There are a couple of different treatments you can add to your facial service to help prevent the look of fine lines and wrinkles. Microdermabrasion is a device made with microscopic crystals to physically exfoliate the skin. For the best results, it is recommended that you use microdermabrasion consistently for up to 10 treatments. Chemical peels are another option to help treat fine lines by removing the outer layer of old skin. At Pink West, we offer a G5 5% glycolic acid peel that is best recommended for anti-aging skin. 

  1. Uneven Skintone and texture

Another skin condition most clients look treat is uneven skin tone and texture. This can best be described as pigmentation spots, dry rough spots, or slight darkening around the mouth and face. The most common reasoning for uneven skin tone is typically due to sun exposure. Rough dry spots and flaky skin usually occur from an unbalanced level of hydration in the skin. One of the most effective treatments for uneven skin tone and texture is to use chemical peels. At Pink West, with a thorough skin analysis included, we typically add the M30 30% Mandelic + Arbutin chemical peel. Mandelic Acid does an amazing job of improving uneven skin tone. Arbutin helps aid in naturally brightening and balancing the complexion.

  1. Dark Spots

One of the most popular skin conditions clients look to treat is dark spots. The most common skin condition for dark spots is hyperpigmentation. Hyperpigmentation is an overproduction of melanin that creates the look of dark spots on our skin most likely due to sun exposure or change in hormonal levels. An ideal treatment for hyperpigmentation is chemical peels, chemical peels will exfoliate the skin’s surface leading to new skin growth. Consistent facial treatments with your licensed esthetician will help improve the look of dark spots. Another treatment to help with hyperpigmentation is microdermabrasion. This advanced physical exfoliant helps promote collagen growth, which can help reduce spots. 

  1. Acne

Additionally, a skin condition a lot of clients look into treating is acne. Acne is a skin condition that occurs when hair follicles become plugged with oil and dead skin cells. Acne can vary with whiteheads, blackheads, pimples, nodules, or cysts depending on the severity of the skin. The main causes for acne are excess oil production, bacteria, inflammation, or hormonal changes. The ideal acne treatment is a consistent skincare routine. You’ll want to find products that contain salicylic acid or azelaic acid. Salicylic acid dissolves dead skin cells to prevent the hair follicles from clogging. Azelaic acid kills microorganisms on the skin and reduces swelling. 

  1. Oily Skin

A major skin condition clients usually always attempt to treat is an overproduction of sebum (oily skin). Sebum is an oily substance made from fats and sebum isn’t a bad thing. When produced properly, sebum protects and moisturizes our skin, keeping it soft and healthy. The important thing to understand when treating oily skin is not to dry out the skin either. If you use too many products that strip the moisture layer, your skin will only overproduce the oil that it’s lacking. Salicylic acid is going to be one of the best ingredients to use when treating oily skin, Salicylic acid is an oil-soluble chemical exfoliant, which means it will exfoliate the skin and decreases oil-build up. After using a salicylic acid product, it is highly recommended that you follow up with a moisturizer to keep your skin hydrated and balanced. 

The skin was designed to protect the inside and the outside of our bodies. Keeping up with your skincare and facial treatments with a licensed esthetician is going to keep your skin in good condition. Having good skin with the proper maintenance means your skin is working to its full potential. These skin conditions develop over time because our skin wasn’t equipped to handle the environmental factors. Begin treating your skin with a daily skincare routine and maintenance treatments with a licensed esthetician, you’ll see drastic positive changes in your skin conditions. You can book an appointment with me through the Vagaro App under Pink West Salon. I offer free skin assessments, custom made facial treatments for each clients needs, chemical peels, microdermabrasion, and custom skincare routines for at-home care.

Love Always


How to talk to your Hairstylist & get the results you want!

Peep this scenario… You arrive at the salon to see a new Stylist. You’re swept into a chair and your stylist is combing through it before they pop the big question. “ What would you like us to do with your hair today?”. You have a general idea and some words have been tumbling around in your head since you booked the appointment but you suddenly realize you don’t speak Hairstylist. You try to explain and maybe you two browse some photos but you’re still not 100% sure whether you’re on the same page. At this point you have to let Jesus take the wheel and hope you like it when it’s done. 

It’s not your fault. It’s not your Stylist’s fault. You simply were not trained as a Cosmetologist and your Stylist can’t unknow what they have learned about terminology and what they know to be the foundation of Haircolor and / or Haircutting. Soooooo…. I would like to formally bring to you the Layman’s Guide To Your Next Hair Appointment. It will help your Hairstylist make the connection between what you’re picturing and what you want. Buckle up because this is going to be FUN!!! ( look for the terms highlighted in yellow for words your Hairstylist will commonly use )


  1. Length. When you’re discussing your Haircut with your Stylist try to avoid saying anything along the lines of  “I just want the dead ends off. “ This can mean anywhere from the splitting tips to the 5 inches of dry summer hair you have on the ends. It is way too wide a range to work with. Also most people do not realize that all of your hair is technically dead. It’s more about what is healthy looking and feeling. Use inches to describe how much exactly you would like taken off. A good way to gauge this at the moment is by using your knuckles. The portion of your finger between the first and second joint roughly measures around an inch. You can literally hold that up to the ends of your hair and see how many of those you would like taken off. Follow up by showing your Hairstylist exactly where you want your hair to fall when it is pulled to the front. Hold your hands up over your hair right where you would like your ends to live when it is all said and done. 
  2. Texture. Hair can be cut in full blunt looking lines or it can have some variation or what your stylist would call texture. Sometimes in a picture of a Haircut you might think you’re looking at layers but what your Stylist sees is texture. Ask your stylist to show you some photo examples from google or pinterest of a blunt cut versus a textured cut. I would also ask their opinion about which would look better on your specific hair type. You might like the way a very textured cut looks in a photo but perhaps your hair is fine and to make it appear more full you need to keep it a bit more blunt. Your Stylist will certainly know what is best for your hair. As a side note you can ALWAYS start blunt and have your Stylist add the texture afterwards. Unfortunately you can not do it the other way around unless you are ok with losing more length. 


  1. What kind of color. There are a million different ways to go about creating any specific color design but there are some basics that everyone can know to make the process easier. The main 2 processes are Haircolor and Highlights. Haircolor is a mixture of tones and levels with peroxide. It is more gentle and generally takes less time. Your color mixture is brushed on to your roots and may be dragged down to the mid shaft and ends of your hair. It is a single process. The technique and skill for a Haircolor comes in the formulation more than the application. Highlights are powdered lightener or bleach mixed with developer and brushed on to your hair using specific techniques to get the desired results. Whether you want traditional highlights or a specialty highlight such as Balayage they are all types of highlights. The skill in this process comes in the technique and the placement. Your stylist will be able to determine the best placement and type of highlight to achieve your desired results. 
  2. Grey Coverage. When you’re trying to cover your grey there are many ways to go about it. Some people prefer their grey to be COMPLETELY gone and 100% covered. In this case you are looking for what a stylist might call a Matte or Opaque grey coverage for your roots. If you know that this describes you be prepared to discuss it because this practice is becoming less prevalent. Lately stylists and clients alike are opting for less maintenance and a sheer or translucent grey coverage would likely achieve that. As a plus translucent grey coverage can look much more dimensional and sometimes it can even make your greys look like natural subtle highlights. As a side note if you’re looking to cover your grey and you would like some brighter highlights added in you are moving into what your stylist would consider a double process color service. This means you are getting both a retouch and a partial highlight. You may also need a toner. It is more complicated, takes more time and will be more expensive. It is absolutely stunning though!
  3. Tone. If you are coloring your hair in a single process then the tone is built into your color formula. This is usually a series of numbers that tells a stylist what level (how light or dark) and what tone you want your hair to be. Tones are categorized into 3 options. Warm being gold, copper, red. Cool being blue, purple, green. And Neutral being equal parts of all primary colors. Neutral is in between warm and cool. You can not have that honey blonde without your color being considered warm and you can not have that icy platinum without your color being considered cool. If you are getting highlighted then the powdered lightener lifts your hair in a raw way exposing undertone. Your stylist will then need to go in and do a toner to actually make the highlights the color that you want. That is why highlights are not considered a single process haircolor. Please ask your stylist to show you photos of different tones so that you can consider your options visually. Side note most blondes are scared of “ yellow “ but they want their highlights to be bright. The brightest thing in the world is the sun because it is yellow. If you ask your stylist for a toner that cools down and neutralizes all of the yellow then your highlights will not seem as bright. That is how some clients end up disappointed. They did not realize they asked their stylist to cool down their brightness. 

There is so much more I could share with clients and stylists alike to help them have a conversation where everyone is understood but this is your sneak peek. You will have to wait for me to write a book to find out the rest. You can ALWAYS book a free consultation with a stylist at almost any salon. If you would like an in depth consultation with one of my stylists you can visit our website or call in to the salon at 512-447-2888. We can do those consultations either in person or via video call online. 

I hope I have been helpful in exposing the terminology that Hairstylist commonly use and I have high hopes that you will all have a much more enjoyable and enlightening experience the next time you visit a new salon. Until then happy hair days and we hope to see you very soon. 



Hair, Skin, Magic…

This post is more of an introduction to the belief on which we build our business at Pink West Salon. Let me start with a brief description. Our salon is nestled in a 100 year old farm house on a small street that connects down town Dripping Springs to a major highway that runs the length of 3 cities spanning from Bee Caves all the way to San Marcos. Right in between at the hearth of the Hill Country you can find our ( little big town ) Dripping Springs, Texas. It might be happenstance that the founder and originator of Pink ( Deborah Carter Mastelloto ) took the salon out west and ended up in Dripping Springs but I like to think it was divine intervention…

Deborah started a salon on South Congress when the street was only a glimmer of what it has since become. Pink Hair Salon & Gallery was born and for 10 years they built what is now known as iconic SoCo in Austin, Texas. Through this process Deborah manifested a sort of synchronous energy brought about by the people that were drawn to Pink and her presence there, and now exists Pinkchronicity. Since then she married Pat Mastelloto a celebrated musician and extremely talented individual, and made her home with him in Dripping Springs, Texas bringing about Pink West Salon.

Per Deborah herself ” Pinkchronicity is the happy certainty that some things are just meant to be. ” That is exactly how I feel about where we are now as a salon. After decades of building the brand that has enchanted beauticians and clients alike, Deborah retired in May of 2021 and I became the owner of Pink West Salon. As a baby stylist I began my career as an apprentice to Deborah at Pink West and there I met her son, Jeremy Minten. I am happy to report that we are celebrating our 8th year together this October. As a stylist I blossomed under Deborah’s guidance. I found my magic and brought it about in all that I did from that moment forth. I went on to start my business Pomme Salon & Spa and take on a resale shop know as Haute Exchange. Being that Pink was my home, it only felt right to step in and keep the magic alive when Deborah was ready to retire and so I have.

Not only do I feel like I am home, I also feel like all of the pieces to my puzzle are falling into place, and I am orchestrating a big dream built on the backs of amazing and talented women before me. I plan to keep that very spirit alive, well and living in Dripping Springs and far beyond. With each passing day as I build these businesses, I feel more and more on my proper path and am grateful for all that happened before me that lead me here.

Speaking of Pinkchronicity we plan on keeping the magic alive by building the “Advice” portion of Deborah’s original brand. We currently offer several services in the realm of spiritual healing and divine intervention to support all of the magic that lives deep inside every one of us. You can book your appointments for Intuitive Readings including Tarot, Energy Healing Ceremonies, Herbal Consultation, and Akashic Record Readings. If you would like more information on these services I highly recommend that you email the salon or visit the Book Online portion of our website You can also shop Deborah’s personal store inside the pink farmhouse. There you can find all things from her favorite Tarot decks to her very own book and CD. You can also shop various crystals and other magical items.

Of course we continue to offer the very best in hair services as well and we certainly infuse a little bit of our own magic and well wishes into every service we provide. We are blessed to be together and I am so happy to continue to offer the gift of Pinkchronicity through our space here at Pink West Salon. You can find us infusing each being with beauty and magic every day at the salon.

Love Always,


P.S. For more on Pinkchronicity follow Deborah at or book a digital Astrology/Tarot Reading using the following info..